Our Dojo

16Our Dojo is the place where we train.

The World Oyama Karate of Atlanta Dojo is located just north of 285 on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs, GA.  The dojo is centrally located so that students from all over the Atlanta metropolitan area can attend.  We have students from Sandy Springs, Atlanta, Marietta, Peachtree City and Cumming GA all attending karate classes here.

A proper Japanese martial arts dojo is considered special and is well cared for by its users. Shoes are not worn in a dojo. It is traditional for students to clean the dojo at the  end of each training session. Besides the obvious hygienic benefits of regular cleaning it also serves to reinforce the fact that dojo is supposed to be supported and managed by the student body (or by special students, e.g., uchi-deshi), not the school’s instructional staff. Shihan Dai Takahashi was uchi-deshi many years ago under Saiko Shihan Oyama at the World Oyama Karate world headquarters.

Also, we practice other traditions of respect for the dojo.  We do not wear shoes on the mats nor hats while in the dojo. We follow traditional practices at the start and end of class with short meditation along with bowing in and out of class.

Our students not only respect our dojo, but we also respect each other. We all train hard and expect each other to train hard. We are not competing with each other, however, we compete with ourselves to be the very best we can be.  We help and push each other to succeed.  The only thing you need to do as a student is just show up and just sweat! We will take care of the rest.

So please come and join us.


Contact us for more information at 770-891-9408

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