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9The philosophy of World Oyama Karate of Atlanta is train hard and “just sweat”.

The picture to the left is our dojo after a class in winter. No heat turned on. Yet windows are all fogged up. That is how we sweat!

In many organizations the Sensei, or teacher, spends his/her time teaching with words rather than actions. At World Oyama Karate of Atlanta, our philosophy is to not only instruct with words, but to teach by example as well. Our instructor’s goal is to sweat with everyone in class – many times more than everyone in class.

In a typical class you will work on basic fundamentals such as punching, kicking, blocking and movement techniques.

We then apply these basic movements in orchestrated combinations forming different Kata.

Each Kata has been developed by Saiko Shihan Oyama with specific purpose. Sometimes the purpose may be an attack using setup and finishing techniques.  Other times, the purpose of the Kata may be to use blocking techniques as a setup for a counter attack.  Other Katas may focus on different aspects of karate such as movement or throwing techniques.

And while basic techniques and Kata are important, in order to fully understand the purpose of the techniques we practice with contact to fully connect the mind to the body.

Our advanced students also participate in full contact Kumite (full contact fighting) to better understand practical use of the different techniques and fighting strategies.

We have students of all different ages.  Oyama is good for anyone who wants to challenge themselves to be the best that they can be.

Contact us for more information at 770-891-9408

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